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NoSQL, Graph Database for Enterprises – How to derive Logical Graph Domain Data Model from Logical Domain Data Model?

As announced in my last post, today I will look to possibilities for graph modeling. Here I will briefly address why is necessary to use a defined approach to design a Logical Graph Domain Data Model.
I want to explain a Logical Graph Domain Data Model based on proven Logical Domain Data Model. Starting from this definition, I will derive the graph view. From a logical point of view there is no difference on the business entities but on the relations between entities on meaningful attributes to define allow traversal through the logical graph.

Advantages of Relational Database (RDB)
Advantages of Relational Database (RDB) are building for many years on formal approach they are defined within different models views and design decisions to create a Conceptual, Logical and Physical Domain Dat...

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NoSQL, Graph Databases for Enterprises – Aspects and Requirements

Current I’m focused to large enterprises and consult them designing and implementing IT solutions for their core business. These projects formed my point of view on NoSQL graph databases I present in this blog. My point of view is practice driven and based on my many real life experiences with projects and products as a solution architect, which is my main project role. I already came in touch with NoSQL for 3 years ago by design of the Solution for Stem Cell matching. Since then I can see a significant increase in the need for graph databases  in enterprise environments. This is also reflected by the trend analysis of Google searches.

NoSQL, Graph Databases on Google Trends

NoSQL, Graph Databases on Google Trends

This increased need in the industry for graph databases has been very little considered so far...

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