About Me

Architecture, Development, JEE

Davor Andric,
Solution & Enterprise Architect

I am an engineer, software developer, architect father of two children and husband. I have been working in the consulting and software industry since the mid-90. From this time, I deep into the then- new world of web and object- oriented software. I spend much of my time as a developer, consultant and trainer helping people develop their enterprise solutions, systems and applications. In 2001 I joined to Computer Science Corporation in Germany.

In me meet two worlds, creative, impulsive Croatian and conscientious and accurate German. These differing philosophies are not easy to keep in the symbiosis and are often a bit of a challenge, but they make me a different and other.

My main interest is to mastering the complexity at a sufficiently high flexibility with a touch of pragmatism and passion in a software and technology. In doing this I’ve looked to understand the customer business processes, requirements, organization and create efficient solutions to groove a customer’s business value or create the IT Landscape-Strategy to ensure the competitiveness of customer through the agility and efficiency their IT Landscape.

I’ve become a big fan of agile approaches, but with a right portion of enterprise, software architecture and integration into a customer organization. Agile without compatibility and adoption to organization can be a big risk for invest or product.

I am very happy to say I still code very well. I use possibilities on my work and as my passion to take small coding tasks to stay actual with different technologies, frameworks and products, to verify my architecture and design decisions. Design and architecting without own knowledge and own pain can take a solution or product to disasters.

As an enterprise architect, I try to close the miles of distance between development, solutions, products and enterprise architecture this take a lot of my time and energy. But to do all this stuff makes me happy and I want to go ahead and share certain parts of my stuff with you.

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